Hack&Roll is an annual 24­-hour Hackathon organized by NUS Hackers.

Hack&Roll is NUS Hackers' annual 24-hour hackathon, and the largest student-run hackathon in Singapore. In the spirit of hacking, we celebrate not just the most useful products, but also reward projects that are "awesome but useless" and for factors such as sheer overall coolness.

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This event is open only to:

  • Students of all levels in any educational institution in Singapore (yes, exchange students count as well!)
  • Anyone waiting entry into an educational institution - e.g. NSFs, PhD candidates, etc.


  • Build something new. You may reuse code for specific components, but recycling an entire project is not okay.
  • Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical accomplishment, polish, and usefulness, in that order. Decisions made by the judges are final.
  • Hardware projects are welcomed!


Abhaya Shenoy

Abhaya Shenoy
Senior Software Engineer, Neo Innovation Inc.

Koh Ming Yang

Koh Ming Yang
Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO

Tan Kiat Chuan

Tan Kiat Chuan
Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir Technologies

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How new or innovative aspects of the team’s product are.
  • Technical Accomplishment
    How well the project is built.
  • Polish
    Aesthetics and functional completeness.
  • Usefulness
    How much this project attempts to solve a meaningful problem.